You have reached the blog of Steven Feeney; where Project Management meets Content Marketing and they invite Agile thinking.  The Barista is Lean Startup.

My day job is Agile Coach and Scrum Master so you will find plenty of that here but I also love to write, photograph and go on extreme adventures.  I would love it if you came back but the web is big place and there is lots to do so I understand if you don’t.

You can reach me at or via Twitter.

Looking for something to read?  Check out my latest thoughts including my Top Posts of 2014.

In 2015 I committed to 40 things to get done by 40; read my post about it here or you can view my resolutions for the year.

What I am blogging

A collection of thoughts, essays and long reads.

Where I am travelling

Follow my journeys, with and without kids, including my pledge to complete an Epic Trek every year for charity.

What I am reading

Everything I am reading this year.  Also captured on my site 52 Books, my Amazon Wish List and via Goodreads.

What I am photographing

Some of my photographs which can be viewed on 500px, Flickr and have been featured in various publications including Dartmoor Magazine, the Guardian and the Ministry of Defence.

What I am working on

A collection of my current projects, book sample chapters and various synopsis for ideas.

In order to track my personal ambitions I am trialling a personal dashboard.  The input is derived manually and also from a number of quantified self devices including the Fitbit Charge and a smartphone.


Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to come back.