About Me


How does one write an about me without sounding self-important? I am not sure so let’s just muddle through shall we? Or, you can skip straight to my references below.

After serving nearly 10 years in the British Army I left to pursue a new career in technology initially training as a Palantir FSR.

Being exposed to the startup culture and rapid feedback loops encouraged me to enter Lean Startup London in 2013, an event I won alongside my teammates Luke and Klaus.

The prize was residency at the Innovation Warehouse for a year. I joined Wallept as a co-founder and we secured entry into Startup Bootcamp in Copenhagen but ran out of runway at the end of the accelerator after a great learning experience.

I also attempted to launch a fitness related startup but could not secure enough funding to compete with Tough Mudder and other market incumbents.

During this time I became a guest lecturer at University of London and spoke at IP Expo and other events regarding entrepreneurship and product management, focussing particularly on failure.

I coached the next round of winners for Lean Startup London, PandaPay, and subsequently joined as employee #2 moving to Microsoft Ventures incubator in Whitechapel.

Despite a solid product offering we decided that the solution did not have a market to sustain itself and parted ways, the API’s were simply not available to leverage the solution.

In 2015 I became a Certified Scrum Master and began to support enterprise organisations with their Agile adoption including RS Components and Aviva.

I have delivered bespoke training at Sky, National Trust, Santander, Experian and most recently, as the Senior Agile Coach at the Department of Work and Pensions.


If you’re looking for a Delivery Manager or Agile coach, you will find the gold-standard for both in Steve.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him and given the chance, would always join any team he was part of.

Heather Lockley
Award-Winning Senior Product Manager

It was a pleasure working with Steve. He is a great public speaker and is in his element sharing his experiences to educate and influence the wider team while ensuring that they are motivated and engaged. Ultimately, Steve his highly recommended and I look forward to the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Kayleigh Rix

Someone I hold in very high regard. His deep base of knowledge and understanding make him a valuable person to be in your network and even more valuable to be on your side

Charlie Hilton
Startup Founder, Investor
Design and Marketing @ Golden

Steve is a great addition to any team. He has the ability to articulate at any level. I would jump at the chance to work with him again

Ben Baumgartel
Senior Solutions Architect

“Steven is, without doubt, the best ScrumMaster I have ever worked with.

Pawel Lula
Senior Developer

If you are looking for an Agile Coach to get the job done, this is the guy. Hi depth of knowledge and ability are absolutely what is required in a fast-paced, large organisation.

James Wheelhouse
Director of Decisioning